How to Play Lines and Dots

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Lines and Dots
Lines and Dots
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Printable game pages
Use page 1 for older kids, and page 2 for preschoolers (fewer dots)

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This is a game for two or more people.

1. Print the template above, OR make your own game board, using a blank sheet of paper and fill a section of it (or the whole thing) with evenly spaced rows of dots about half an inch apart.

2. Start the game. Take turns drawing horizontal or vertical lines between adjacent dots connecting them together.

3. If you complete a full square, write your initial in the box and take another turn. If your line creates two boxes, then you get to put your initial in both of them. Some strategy will be involved to see if you can create more boxes than your opponent.

4. Continue playing until all the dots on the page are connected.

5. Count how many boxes each player has on the page. The player with the most boxes wins!

Tips: Use a smaller section of the page with fewer dots for younger children and more dots for older children - maybe even the whole page!
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